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Green Care

Green Care

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Our Green Care Hair treatment comes with three products to help prevent hair loss.

Sanitizing Treatment- A Fluid capable of cleansing and regenerating hair skin improving Micro-Circulation, the product contains a highly purifying, tonic, and reinvigorating substance to reinforce the stem which is subject to weakening.

Vitamin Shampoo- Soothing shampoo, treating and normalizing for a delicate agent. The use of a particular amino acid complex capable of developing a strong action against the loss of hair, strengthening, giving elasticity, and regulating sebum counteracting hair lossmaking its structure stronger.

Vitamin Lotion- Original and exclusive intensive lotion "Dermatologically Tested", based on the derived compounds with elevated sebum regulating and purifying properties, capable of restoring the correct production of sebum and allowing a deep cleansing of the scalp. 

This product is Dermatologically tested.